About Us

Win Win is a full-service company specializing in renovations, turnkey, water remediation, home improvements, and property maintenance. We service the Greater Atlanta Metro area and surrounding cities. Our mission is to provide unprecedented customer satisfaction, dependable service and quality workmanship at affordable prices. It is our goal to achieve a “Win Win” for our clients by having this mission be reflected in every project that we do.

We accomplish this mission under the umbrella of five divisions:

(1) Win Win Home Improvement Division : (Clients: Homeowners, Agents, and Investors) This division specializes in residential interior and exterior renovation, which includes, home improvement, remodeling and repair projects. (see list of services)

(2) Win Win Turnkey Division : (Clients: Agents, Investors, Home Owners, Mortgage Companies, and Asset Management Companies) We are committed to quality work, with quick turn-around times, and at fair reasonable prices. Our goal is to save our clients money while delivering quality finished products in a timely manner. (see list of services)

(3) Win Win Renovation Division : (Clients: Brokers, Agents, Lenders, and Home Owners) This division handles large or small projects which require special permits and construction requirements. (see list of services)

(4) Win Win Water Remediation & Reconstruction Division : Clients: Major Insurance Companies, Home Owners, Investors, Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Banks) This division is IICRC certified in handling all types of water damage. Our versatility allows us to handle the remediation as well as the reconstruction of the damaged property. (see list of services)

(5) Win Win Property Maintenance and Preservation Division : (Clients: Banks, Mortgage Companies, Asset Management Companies, Investors, Agents) Our property preservation division provides a variety of services to protect and preserve our client’s property during foreclosure; and/or sale or rental of the property. It also includes home improvement, remodeling and repair projects. (see list of services)